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House Rules

[o] Things that ARE allowed:
- Fiction
- Primers
- Picspams
- Icons
- Fanart
- Videos
- Girls

As long as it relates to a rare pair in bandom, it is most welcome.

[o] The posting format and The tagging system

They are there to help you, please use them.

[x] No common pairings!

There is a list up here explaining which pairings are considered 'not rare pairs'. If they are a minor ship in the story, a side pairing to the rare pair then that's okay.

[x] No bashing. At all.

No bashing each other, the bands, band members or their significant others. This should be a given and I have no patience for people inciting wank.

[x] Don't be creepy.

You all know where the line is. I like to think I don't need to say this, but I will say it anyway. These are real people, just because they are famous, or do certain things, doesn't give you any extra entitlement. Please respect the people you base your stories on, and their private lives.

Anything you are unsure about please contact me.
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